Ann Lewis, CTO


Ann Lewis is is a technical leader, architect, and active coder with domain expertise in political tech, distributed systems, ecommerce, edtech, and startups, using a variety of technologies, languages, and platforms. She's passionate about cultivating great engineering teams, and building tech that enables collective action and mobilizes Americans at scale.

How did you make this website?

Ann Lewis

I’m hiring!

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I get about 800 emails a week on a slow week, 1200 on a busy week. While I try to eventually respond to all the emails I receive, here are some expectations about when you are likely to hear back from me, and which requests I’ll respond to in which ways.

Stuff I Care About

You can invite me to speak or meet with your team or group on any of these topics. Please do not repost or reuse these materials without my explicit permission and attribution.

Political Tech

Cyber Security

The Power of Open Source Collaborations

Tech Hiring

Tech Leadership

Tech Culture


Do you run Anne Lewis Strategies?

No. That’s the other Anne Lewis who is a different person. I am also not Clinton strategist Ann Frank Lewis. There are many Ann(s) Lewis. One day we will have an Ann(e) Lewis conference and officially disambiguate.

Will you advise my startup?

After Trump was elected, lots of tech folks discovered politics, wanted to get involved, and have generated lots of ideas for new tools and apps. As a result, I see a boom in political tech projects and startups, and I get about one request a month to advise a startup. Unfortunately I have limited time, and want to spend my time on the most leveraged and equitable possible projects, so here is guidance on how to recruit me as an advisor.

Can you affirm all of these statements?

If so, DM me on twitter and let’s chat.

I’m a tech person and I want to help, what can I do?

Jobs: MoveOn is often hiring, and you can check out available jobs here. We run rigorous hiring processes for all of our open positions. We appreciate your tech skills and your interest, but please also be advised that because of heightened interest in political tech, and our all-remote workplace, we hire from nationally competitive hiring pools. The tech team’s last hiring process had 150 applications for one open position, and we’ve also seen as many as 250 applications for a single open position.

Volunteering: We have several active open source projects here and you can check out our open source codebases here. We welcome volunteers to hack on these projects, and join our open source communities. We anchor discussion about open source projects in the Progressive Coders Network slack, in the #moveon and #spoke channels. This is a great place to come hang out and look for tasks to pick up.

Ideas: You can also email us with your suggestions and ideas at

I’m a tech vendor, and I want your business / advice on breaking into the political organizing market

My advice for you:

Represent All Women in Tech

You’re the only technical woman I know, can you explain all the gender in tech stuff to me?

First of all this probably isn’t true. Please take a careful look at the other people on the communication channel where you asked this question, and when you notice other women there, take a moment to consider why you didn’t think of them in the first place, and how invisible they might feel when they read your comment.

Secondly, as a cis-gendered white woman, I can only represent my experience, and not all women, and certainly not all gendered identity issues. Being asked to represent the monolith of people who share an identity characteristic is an othering experience. We’d all rather be treated like human beings. That being said, you can find some of my opinions limited to personal experience on gender and tech here and here.

Third, as you pursue this path of inquiry, hopefully in the direction of enlightenment, please be aware:

If as you read this you’re realizing you don’t actually care about the answer to this question– actually you’re running a hiring process and just wanted to try to attract a diverse set of applicants– I recommend you check out my hiring advice here.

If you’d like a more detailed answer, perhaps you’d like to invite me to speak or meet with your team.

Encouraging Girls In Tech

I have a daughter and I want her to have the opportunity to be interested in tech like you. What toys did you play with as a kid? Sorry, but your premise is flawed. Please read this instead. It’s not just about toys, it’s also about entering and navigating a culture of sexism and a currently unchecked system of oppression. But since you as a parent care about your girl, hopefully this means you’re willing to be an ally and use your privilege to actively work to dismantle this.

What Is Your Personal Style?

No one has ever asked me this, or is likely to ever ask me this. But I have a clever response planned just in case: “unintentional normcore.”